Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Liquor Store Robbery

In the video, an unlucky victim tried to threated a shop manager to get some money from him, Edward Petrossi. He get black belts of martial art!!! What happened after the victim said "Give me the money"

The manager jumpped out from the bar and fighted with the victim!!! After that, the victim turned back and ran to outside but he ran behide and gave high kick to the victim's back that made him unsuccessfull to rob the store.

Acually I don't care the rule more than the righteousness. For example, I have to gone to class to took the midterm exam but I saw a man on a wheel-chair stuck on the road while I was biking on a rainny day. I helped him, I didn't care the time or I can't took the midtem exam because he is more important than the test. "The social rule has to be followed, above-all the righteousness has to do all the time"

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