Monday, November 5, 2007

My First Kiss

I think you are someone who ever had an unusual experience. This is my story, when I was a freshman in the University of Thailand. Whenever a special day coming; Birthday, Thai Happy New Year day. Me and my friends usually celebrate together.

By the Happy New Year day; Jan 1st, Me and my friends appointed go to the bar after we finished class to celebrate and countdown to next year on this night. Many people came there to drink, dance, and talk. The atmosphere was happy and comfortable. Me and my girlfriend went there around 10 o’clock with her friends. By the way, she and her close friend wore clothes the same color, pink. Because they brought it yesterday, they wanted to wear the clothes on this night. While I was enjoying with my class-mate, her friends came to talk to me, “What are you going to do with your girlfriend tonight?” I was confused and said to her, “nothing special, It's just normal day for me and I will bring her to her house after the party finish.” She smiled and left me. I thought something might be happen. Consequently, I would ask my girlfriend about that she said. She didn’t know anything. She just said to me, “I don’t know.”

When almost the time to countdown was coming. Many people were excited and waiting to count 5 seconds to 12.00 PM. It was noisy, the lights became down. All of my friends and my girlfriend stood closed to me. She stood next on my right hands. We saw in eyes, dance, and held on each other. After that, I held her hands and began to countdown together, “5…4…3…2…1...0” While we counted, something unexpected happened. As soon as I said “Happy New Year, everybody” someone took my neck to left hands and… kissed me. Because that was my first kiss!!! And I wasn't ready before. I leaved everything at this time. I thought she was my girlfriend because I just saw her color cloths among dim lights. I held her waist and used around 10 seconds for kissing!!!! The lights turn on gently. Once I could see her face, I was shocked and didn’t say anything as a stone. Next, she smiled to me but I didn’t care. I began looking for my girlfriend. She stood on my back. I didn’t know how I should say if she saw something happen. However, I couldn’t justify to her, “Happy New Year, baby,” I still said to her. She smiled to me and said, “Happy New Year, honey.” I very surprised that she didn’t know about that. Thank god…

What will happen if she knows? What should I do after that? Tell the truth to my girlfriend, or not? And What are you going to do if you are in this situation?

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